Act! Consulting – Atlanta, GA

We work with both new start-ups and established businesses to leverage their potential. For new business start-ups we provide consulting services to help them establish a framework for their database. For established firms, we assist business owners in analyzing their current operations, develop solutions to help them meet their business goals, and apply software technology to their existing business process structure.
Are you challenged by any of these critical business issues?
  • No one area to record information
  • Tracking more than one calendar
  • Lack of Sales Reporting
  • Maintain more than one database
  • Duplicate entering of information
  • Sharing of information is difficult
  • Your database walks when your sales person leaves

ACT Consulting Services, Certified ACT! Consultant. If you are challenged by any of these critical business issues, contact our team today at  678-409-9465.

As ACT! Certified Consultants Emerging Technologies can harness the already existing power of this software package and mold it to work with your current business as if the software was custom built to meet your needs. We provide installation, customization, and ACT! training so that you can see a positive difference immediately.
We can show you how to:
Attract New Customers:
  • Effectively utilizing existing prospect information.
  • Tailor Marketing campaigns to reach the right opportunity.
  • Define a business process to meet your goals.
Retain Customers:
  • Properly managing, forecasting and reporting on opportunities.
  • Effectively communicate for clients and projects.
  • Manage your time and appointments.
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