Whenever there is news of a major data breach or cyber attack, attention turns to individuals and what we can all do to keep our information safe. We may think that our accounts are secure because they are password protected, but are we really doing all we can to protect our data? Recent studies show that we don't always make the best choices when it comes to protecting our accounts and using secure passwords.

In an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live last year, a reporter took to the streets of New York to show how easy it is to get someone's password. They didn't just stand over unsuspecting customer's shoulders at a coffee shop and sneak a peek at the keyboard as they typed in their information. They took a much easier approach. They just asked. It is surprising to watch this video and see the show correspondent pull aside random people and ask for their passwords. The people respond by giving general information at first. As they are probed a little further, they start to reveal more details. Eventually, they reveal their complete passwords or details that make it easy to determine what their passwords are. Asking detailed questions to trick people into giving out information that can be used to determine passwords for hacking is also a form of social engineering. It is a technique often used by hackers to obtain information.