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Posted on 20 February 2014.
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Our Cloud Services, also know as Hosting, provides businesses a solution for real-time access to your information regardless of the device or location.  

With cloud solutions, IT services are procured on an as needed basis, rather than procuring capital expense assets. Instead of investing in equipment, you buy access to cloud computing, cloud storage, platforms and other resources on demand over the network, likely reducing: 

  • Capital investments
  • IT expense
  • Lengthy turnaround times
  • Service-contract terms

CRM technology deployment options are Software as a Service (SaaS), public or private cloud solutions.  In our SaaS solution we provide the hardware infrastructure the software product and a front end portal for end-user interaction.  Cloud applications allow companies to eliminate the need to install, run and maintain an application in house by outsourcing it to an application provider in the cloud. 

Public Cloud

Using a cloud computing service can mean greater server and compute capacity when you need it and without the costs and management headaches of owning all the hardware. Public cloud computing services, in particular, offer easy and inexpensive set-up, a pay-per-usage model and the scalability needed to meet specific needs.

Private Cloud

Enterprises unwilling to trust their mission-critical applications or data in the public cloud look to private cloud computing as a way to introduce automation, self-service portals and further efficiencies to the company than virtualization alone can offer. 


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