Posted on 17 March 2014.
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Why Emerging Technologies and

Emerging Technologies has numerous certified consultants focusing on sales optimization, call center effectiveness, and customer experience. We specialize in creating the right solution for large, enterprise clients around the world and understand the complexity of integrating, deploying, and using SaaS and cloud computing in the enterprise. 

Anatomy of a CRM Project

At Emerging Technologies, we understand a holistic solution is necessary for your CRM implementation. We partner with you to craft the right strategy and roadmap for your business. Additionally, we redesign your business processes, implement and manage your data and systems integration to maximize the potential of and ensure high user-adoption. The depth of our service offerings is illustrated below.

Benefits To Your Enterprise

Through a detailed review of your current CRM processes and utilization rates, we ensure your business achieves maximum results from the platform, including:

  • Increased user adoption through defined business process and ease of use Enhanced transparency through detailed CRM reporting
  • Improved customer retention and experience through consolidated platform and centralized data resulting in better customer understanding, problem tracking and resolution
  • Shortened sales cycles and ability to close deals faster
  • Customized solution to meet your exact needs with, Google Mash-Ups and i-Phone integration Enables Faster Problem Solving

What is it? is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering from It is a complete, on demand application development platform that enables the creation and running of applications completely over the internet.

When to use Consider the following case study:

Case Study Example: Large international retailer of casual clothing

Problem: Lack of enterprise data integrity causing inaccurate and costly marketing campaigns. Most data was kept in excel spreadsheets on multiple desktops.

Solutions: Using, Emerging Technologies built a custom application in just eight weeks to centralize retail store data, allow for accurate campaign development, and create a single source of truth.

Benefits: Savings of millions of dollars from now accurate ordering of marketing collateral and shipping, lower frustration at the store level, and multi-hour report runs now take 30 seconds.

Good Ideas Come to Life

Leveraging the power of a “community” and web 2.0, Salesforce Ideas is a quick and easy way to garner feedback, customer expectations, and new ideas. Salesforce Ideas is an interactive forum for people to submit and vote on new ideas and watch as the most popular ideas bubble to the surface. Salesforce Ideas can be used in a few different ways: Enables Faster Problem Solving

  • Leveraging your internal staff: discover the opinions of your internal community to understand their perceptions of the workplace, products, and other innovations that you should be taking advantage of.
  • Engaging your customers: customer experience is about knowing what your customers are looking for. What better way than to solicit them directly to find out what matters most.

Why it works

  • It’s on demand, you save on maintenance and hosting
  • Easily integrated with existing legacy systems in your enterprise
  • Simple to measure and respond

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