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Simply put, you cannot manage what you don’t measure. Measuring data may provide metrics that provide usable information into a company’s main business functions and enables it to  track-and analyze-customer relationships, sales leads, market data, and key performance indicators (KPIs). The measurement results matter more today than previous thought because timely information enables management to help an organization improve its performance and efficiencies. Willing to gamble together with fa fa fa slot casino.

Dashboards often provide at-a-glance views of KPIs (key performance indicators) relevant to a particular objective or business process (e.g. sales, marketing, human resources, or production). The term dashboard originates from the automobile dashboard where drivers monitor the major functions at a glance via the instrument cluster. Dashboards give signs about a business letting the user know something is wrong or something is right. The corporate world has tried for years to come up with a solution that would tell them if their business needed maintenance or if the temperature of their business was running above normal. Dashboards typically are limited to show summaries, key trends, comparisons, and exceptions. There are four Key elements to a good dashboard:

    • 1Simple, communicates easily
    • 2Minimum distractions…it could cause confusion
    • 3Supports organized business with meaning and useful data
    • 4Applies human visual perception to visual presentation of information

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